Meditation Station

London’s first Mindfulness Cafe…

More than just a healthy café, Yeotown Kitchen: Fuel for Body & Mind embodies the Yeotown ethos of the importance of cultivating both physical and mental health for truly optimised wellbeing; Strong in Body, Clear in Mind!

We invite you to take a seat, relax and let your senses revel in the mindful surroundings, healthy food and detoxifying tonics. All while being looked after by our friendly Yeotown Kitchen team. Alongside a thoughtfully-concocted food and beverage menu, the two-level space includes our unique, trend setting “Meditation Station” with mood-boosting meditation pods to nurture the mind & spirit.

Customers can relax and recharge with any of Yeotown’s 5-minute guided meditations including: The Basic Break: For a quick rejuvenation in mind, body and being. The Bravery Break: For a boost of courage and confidence (perhaps pre-meeting/ presentation/date?). The Beauty Break: To encourage self-love and finding beauty within. The Brain Break: To soothe anxiety, gain better clarity and perspective, and The Balance Break: To restore focus, direction and equilibrium.

Elements of positive psychology and personal touches are infused throughout every aspect of the ambiance and décor of the space, with loving attention paid to detail. Thoughtfully integrated messages complement carefully crafted products, with drinks and dishes named after character strengths such as Patience, Courage and Creativity.

For a quick rejuvenation in mind, body and being

For a boost of courage and confidence (perhaps pre-meeting/presentation?)

To encourage self-love and finding beauty within

To soothe anxiety and gain clarity and perspective

To find focus, direction and equilibrium


Featured Guest Meditator of the Month Series

Alongside our signature 5 minute breaks, each month our ‘Meditation Station’ features an exclusive recording with a leading mind guru. Past meditators have included; The Mind Coach; Natalie Pennicotte-Collier and Will Williams…

Meditate with Light Watkins

Our featured guest meditator for the month is Light Watkins.

Light Watkins has been practicing and teaching meditation for nearly 20 years. His specialty is showing regular people how to turn meditation from a chore to a delight, and he also delivers keynotes and leads sold-out retreats on meditation and happiness. Light just released his second book entitled ?Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying. He also produces ?The Shine, a global pop-up inspirational variety show that highlights regular people who are using their talents and gifts to help people in meaningful ways.

Visit our Meditation Station to listen to Light’s special 5 minute guided meditation exclusively recorded for Yeotown Kitchen.